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Glacier Technologies supports a variety of government agencies and industrial organizations in the areas of change management, configuration management and life cycle management. The scope of these contracts ranges from enterprise networks that consist of over 40,000 seats to departmental networks composed of 1,000 seats. Each seat is composed of various items of IT equipment to include desktops, laptops, and servers as well as such items as cell phones, iPads® and other communications systems that are connected to the IP network. It should be noted that all of our projects are performed under a quality control program based on ISO 9001:2008.

Configuration Management: Configuration management programs for all IT-related components, demand the implementation of a high quality management program. Such programs ensure the IT infrastructure of the enterprise or department network is stable and responsive to the needs of the customer. Glacier engineers design and provide continuous support for the configuration management programs the company installs. Additionally, Glacier applies industry best practices to all of its support initiatives.

Change Management: Change management programs support enterprise and departmental networks with the capability to seamlessly introduce new components and software into those systems. Glacier engineers and technical staff have the knowledge and experience to design, install, and support change management programs for both civilian and government customers. As part of their efforts, they review the characteristics of new components such as hardware and software by implementing developed testing programs to ensure they are compatible with all aspects of the network including security and operational considerations before they are added. Glacier engineers and technicians also provide help desk and installation support assistance during the time the equipment or program is introduced into the network.

Life Cycle Management: Life cycle management programs provide enterprise and departmental networks the capability to perform reliably over time. Glacier engineers and staff design, monitor, and support life cycle management programs for both its civilian and DoD customers. The Glacier staff utilizes government programs like EPEAT as part of the overall support it provides to its customers.

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