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Communications and Electronics
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The U.S. Department of Defense and civilian agencies understand their need to achieve and sustain communications across the globe.  To reach this objective, enterprise-level communication systems are required to expand and evolve with each mission no matter how diverse. As these missions change across continents and spread to simultaneous operations in multiple countries, the need for reliable, real-time communication systems is indisputable. Maintaining constant contact requires a uniformed convergence of technology and skilled experience on an enterprise level. From satellites, fixed and phased array radar, to individual hand-held radios, each has an integral part in the web of every custom communication platform.

Experience: Glacier Technologies is honored to be selected as a trusted communications partner with the U.S. Government.  Knowing the high risk that comes with failed or delayed communications, Glacier operates its assignments with critical care and provides highly experienced talent to see each operation through to completion. Our success is achieved through a deep understanding of how our customers use and rely on their communication systems, enabling us to adapt and provide the support necessary.

Services: Glacier offers communication services in the areas of satellite operations, Command and Control (C2) systems, and secure / non-secure Video TeleConference (VTC) capabilities. Our engineers are specialists in designing, testing, and installing communication systems as well as their various components.  In the future, the company will expand its capabilities to include a wide variety of microwave devices such as radio systems, troposcatter, and satellite terminals.


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