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Glacier Technologies provides Single Point-of-Contact (SPOC) desktop service support to help address hardware and software requirements/problems. Glacier has the flexibility to conduct this type of help desk support at either the customer’s site or from a remote Glacier facility. Glacier takes pride in the fact that we are able to provide quality service from within the United States at a lower cost than that associated with overseas organizations.

Single Point-of-Contact

Glacier serves as the SPOC for our customer needs to include (but not limited to) the following areas:

         Software installation and use

         Hardware installation and operation

         Printer and multi-function device installation and support

         Radio support (including portables (handhelds), mobile, remotes and consoles)

         Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) BlackBerry support, including mail support

         Telephone support (including analog, cordless, digital business and IP Telephony)

         Equipment replacement and acquisition

         Network support and troubleshooting

         Support of other devices (plotters, scanners, digitizers, etc.)

         ID requests and employee setup (e.g., Lotus Notes or remote access including dial-up and VPN access)

         Password resets

         Security issues including virus issues, spyware, scams and offensive spam

         Wireless connectivity issues

         Creating, deleting, adding or removing names from, Public Distribution Lists (PDLs)

         File restoration

         Windows promotion (administrative rights)

Tier 1 Support

Tier 1 support involves baseline help desk services to include initial telephone contact with customers as well as the processing of service tickets. In accordance with the customer’s guidelines and standards, Glacier personnel assess the problem identified for resolution and begin exploring any one of a multitude of resources to resolve the issue. Tier 1 support includes:

         Answering customer calls from configured and managed phone (ACD)

         Responding to customer service tickets received through other channels (e.g., web, secure web chat, email, fax and  etc.)

         Logging of all service tickets into Right Now [Ticket Management System (TMS)], which is electronically accessible and available to the customer via the internal LAN or the Internet

         Resolving incidents over the phone, via email, web, web chat, fax or through the use of remote control software, such as Tivoli

         Performing software and software configuration diagnostic procedures on software installed on desktops and laptops

         Performing hardware diagnostic procedures on desktops, laptops, printers, and other supported hardware devices

         Facilitate resolution of customer incidents and, if needed, escalation to the appropriate next
support level

         Thoroughly documenting all incidents and the steps taken to resolve these incidents

         Coordinating service with Tier 2 or Tier 3 technicians for support of assets under warranty

         Provisioning of monthly management and usage reports

         Maintaining superior service during fluctuations in call volumes, especially during peak seasons, All Risk Incidents (e.g., hurricane, etc.), and introduction/integration of new services (including pilots and limited deployments)

         Providing Spanish language support

         Meeting customer’s Security Training

Hardware and Software Utilized

         Lotus Notes 7.0.3

         RightNow 11-08 SP4 Build 128

         Microsoft Office 2003

         VMWare 2.5.1 build 126130

         Sametime 8.0.1

         Tivoli Management Framework 4.1.1

         Internet Explorer 7.0

         Sametime 8.0.1


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