Defense Systems Testing
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Defense Systems Testing
Missile Systems Testing

The ability of our military forces to monitor the location and activities of enemy units has played a key role in their success on the battlefield. The specialized reconnaissance equipment employed to assist the war fighter and gather such data includes mobile radar systems, motor detectors, night vision goggles and unmanned surveillance vehicles.

Glacier Technologies has participated in operational field testing of several items of equipment designed to assist Soldiers in gathering information on enemy forces. 

Services: Glacier provides a full spectrum of support services for the operational testing of defense systems. These services include:

          Test Planning

          Test Coordination

          Development of required test support systems

          Information Technology Support

          Test Execution

          Data Collection

          Test Analysis

          Test Reporting

          Communications Design and Support

Systems Field Tested:

          Sentinel Radar (ETRAC)

          Light Kit Motor Detector (LKMD)

          Operational testing on the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS)

          Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

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