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Large organizations with employees dispersed throughout the United States have a critical need to collaborate via a network that allows both virtual communication as well as data sharing. The implementation of an enterprise level network that offers reliability, security and good performance is the best alternative for meeting this requirement. Glacier Technologies clearly understands the scope and complexity of supporting such a network. Currently, we maintain the enterprise platform for a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Management: Glacier Technologies provides system management support which includes research, development, troubleshooting problem resolutions and integration for both the new and legacy systems that comprise a customer’s enterprise network. To this end, our engineers apply their specialized skills in the maintenance and administration of the OracleŽ Database Architecture as well as Linux, Microsoft, UNIX, and AIX System Architectures. Additionally, they put into practice ISO standards to integrate quality control procedures and management programs for the purpose of ensuring the development of the very best technical solutions for sustainment of an enterprise network. Such efforts include development and maintenance of databases, research and testing of operating system upgrades and patches, interoperability determination, integrated test planning and execution, resolution of Daylight Savings Time (DST) issues, and development of operating system patches. Follow-on actions involve verification of compatibility issues as new versions of software and operating systems are released. 

Future Architecture: Glacier personnel possess the training and experience required to analyze a customer’s IT requirements and design their next-generation system architecture. Recently, the company was tasked to install and employ LDAP directories, a Kerberos security and authentication capability, including TivoliŽ Identity Manager and Directory Integrator. Related tasks involved the installation of virtual machine (VM) solutions with emphasis on products from VMwareŽ ESX Server and VMware Server Console, and open-source solutions such as XenŽ. In this instance, Glacier’s system managers used their knowledge of proven and emerging technologies to assist the customer to keep pace with the progressive and ever-changing IT environment.

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