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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used to process data that is gathered from a variety of sources includes remote sensors in order to gain a greater understanding of the area being studied. GIS applications have the capability to analyze the information they receive to create a description of the topological and/or demographical characteristics of a specific location. Select civilian and DoD customers have a critical need for the services of those contractors that possess the ability to support GIS software as well as analyze related data in order to accomplish their missions.

Experienced Personnel: Glacier’s GIS specialists possess years of experience working with geospatial systems, gathering and processing data, and creating useable results for the customer. Additionally, they have experience working with database and GIS requirements for each related application and can provide both support and analysis for many other similar programs.

Support Services:  Our GIS specialists install, manage and maintain the GIS systems that run ArcGIS server, ArcSDE, ArcIMS and other ESRI products. Additionally, they provide development teams and support engineers with extensive experience with capacity analysis and the ability to conduct performance tuning capabilities of such systems to assist in resolving problems. In addition, GIS specialists work with the technical team to define and implement a comprehensive health and performance monitoring system. These individuals are also proficient with clustering, load balancing, and other techniques to create redundancy and high system availability. Finally, our experts are trained in Oracle and SQL database concepts.

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