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Glacier Technologies maintains and operates a System’s Integration Laboratory (SIL) for the purpose of testing new hardware devices and software programs prior to them being introduced into an enterprise arena.  This laboratory has the capability of performing extensive testing on all computer based infrastructure. However, to date, its activities have been primarily focused on the areas of configuration management, life cycle management, and change management.  The mission of the integration laboratory is to determine the effects of new technology, applications, or components on enterprise systems.  Our engineers utilize this information to project capacity and performance requirements for a changing environment, as well as explore the use of new network and system designs through the use of simulations before the hardware and or software is released into the enterprise system.  

Services: The personnel who work in the integration laboratory possess the specialized skills and training required to test and analyze all components of computer-based IT Infrastructure. 

Additional tasks performed by the integration laboratory include a broad array of technical activities that involve the collective efforts of our skilled consultants, engineers, architects and specialists. These tasks include the following: 

  Conduct operational model review

  Develop project installation, configuration and operation guides

  Conduct an operational model review

 Develop Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) for OS Deployment, (OSD) version 7.1

  Provide Enterprise File System operations support for a new clustered file system

 Provide operations support for a legacy file system and work to decommission unnecessary devices

 Install software and operating system updates

  Create a base methodology to incorporate Netcool/Impact in an Omnibus solution

  Provide extensive Oracle Data Center and Enterprise User support tools

 Support ArcSDE updates and Provide SDE enterprise data center GIS architecture changes to pre-empt known ESRI performance problems

  Develop an Architecture Decisions Document for application data redirection for Citrix users

 Develop and test the Citrix Xen Application Server 4.5 upgrade

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