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Network management plays an important role in maintaining the level of network performance required to enable organizational success. Selecting a vendor to manage a company’s network is a crucial decision.  Glacier Technologies understands the significance of the network management function. For this reason, it provides an experienced and dedicated workforce to perform this function for its customers. 

Listed below are three brief overviews that address those functions that Glacier constantly monitors and maintains to ensure the overall operational health of a client’s network is sustained.

Security: Physical and electronic security are both essential to the operational well-being of a network.  Protecting a system from unauthorized use is a task that must be performed with vigilance and foresight resulting in special policies and procedures are needed, along with automated programs, to monitor and evaluate the system’s security status. For this purpose, access authentication (AA) and data loss prevention (DLP) measures are implemented to safeguard the system.

Performance: Unencumbered data flow and load balancing both play a part in achieving optimal network performance.  This is accomplished by effectively eliminating bottlenecks in the network to ensure data is sent and received on time. Bandwidth management and route analytics are also integral to keeping the system’s performance speed at an optimal tempo.

Reliability: The primary function of network reliability is to ensure the system is available for use when needed.  It is necessary to maintain the capability to quickly respond to all hardware and software malfunctions.  Glacier Technologies employs highly trained and experienced technicians who can quickly respond to any problem a network may experience. The company’s reputation for high quality network maintenance is based on its ability to implement state of the art preventative and corrective measures.

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