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OracleŽ is the world’s #1 business software developer. Glacier Technologies recognizes that both civilian corporations and government agencies require skilled and reliable experts to maintain their OracleŽ software.  Those organizations that have attempted to maintain their systems within their existing internal resources soon discovered the complexity of this task.  Our experts can provide such companies with the trained and experienced technicians they require to maintain their IT network and systems at a very affordable cost.

Specialized Personnel: Glacier provides to its customers highly skilled server experts to conduct hands-on administrative support for their OracleŽ database architect.  Glacier is currently supporting a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture with such expertise.

Support: Glacier personnel have extensive experience installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting OracleŽ 9i and 10g database software as well as OracleŽ RAC and multi-application environments. Glacier brings to its customers an in-depth understanding of server capacity planning, performance analysis and user management.  Additionally, our OracleŽ managers work closely with server and storage engineers to design and implement high-performance and reliable environments. Further, our architects work with application engineers in order to understand each customer’s specific requirements and guide them through the application lifecycle.

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