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Glacier Technologies provides patient appointment and consulting services at one of the largest military hospitals and medical complexes in the United States. All work performed by the company meets or exceeds the currently recognized standards of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the specifications of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Efficient Procedures

The procedures Glacier has implemented as part of its contact center operations is designed to provide to the caller a quick and efficient method for reaching the individual who is most qualified to handle their needs. This process involves the efforts of various agent representatives who answer the calls, supervisors who manage the personnel and call flow, as well as the application of the information technology tools that include hardware and software which distribute incoming calls to the appropriate personnel. By applying the latest technology available, Glacier assists its customers to achieve the ideal balance between staffing priorities and budget controls to produce quality service at the lowest possible cost.

Overview of Primary Services

  • Provide personnel for operating more than 70 phone lines to ensure optimal daily staffing and call management (during peak call hours) for scheduling appointments and consultations

  • Provide the personnel required to ensure optimal seasonal staffing and call management during flu and “Back to School” seasons

  • Work in concert with the referral management nurse to clarify, consult, and assist in determining patient appointment priority or schedule a clinic appointment when necessary

  • Receive calls from beneficiaries seeking primary care or specialty referral appointments

  • Make calls to beneficiaries regarding specialty referral appointments

  • Maintain patient demographic database according to DoD healthcare policy

Specialty Services

Glacier support personnel provide special assistance to those Airmen who are going before the Medical Examination Board (MEB) to assess their physical eligibility to remain on active duty. The majority of the medical appointments and consultations for these individuals are scheduled through the contact center on a priority basis by the unit of assignment. Those Airmen selected to go before the MEB will be flown to the medical facility on the dates designated for assessment and treatment as appropriate. 

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