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As agencies and companies grow and sustain their efforts, the need to electronically store and quickly retrieve data increasingly becomes more important and often more difficult to manage.  As an organization increases in size and needs an enterprise-level network, a storage network is also needed. 

There are two main architectural designs for data storage: Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS).  Glacier Technologies will work with your organization to analyze how you optimally operate and assist in choosing the appropriate architecture.  Additionally, our experts can design, implement, support and secure the storage system for your electronic data.

Experience: The design, installation, and support of SAN and NAS systems are critical to the operational success of the IT enterprise model as a whole.  Glacier engineers and IT support specialists design, install and support large storage systems for its customers within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Services: Glacier engineers analyze the requirements for storage based on the application requirements and the projected growth of those applications to determine the correct system approach and the total storage needs of the customer.  Requirements for disaster recovery, database support and system backup are major considerations in determining the correct approach for large storage systems.  Network architecture is also a major consideration in the systems design.  Centralized datacenters may lend themselves to one approach while multiple data centers or a distributed network architecture may lend itself to another approach.  Glacier has the experienced personnel to analyze the total system requirements and design the storage system based on a complete IT solution.

Glacier engineers perform system load balancing to provide better system functionality and performance. System security in meeting for Information Assurance and FISMA requirements are other considerations.  The Glacier Team implements industry best practices by providing SAN/NAS systems to meet all government requirements.

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