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Press Release April 28, 2011

Mr. Scott Torrison of BBNC Visits Glacier

Pictured Left to Right: Scott Torrison, Bobby Trumbla

On 28 April, Glacier Technologies had the pleasure of playing host to Mr. Scott Torrison, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) for Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), during his visit to the company’s corporate headquarters in El Paso, TX.  In an effort to make him feel at home, Mr. Torrison was taken on a tour of the facility by Mr. Bobby Trumbla, the President and CEO of Glacier.  This event gave Mr. Torrison the opportunity to meet and speak with many of the company’s exceptional employees.  Additionally, Mr. Torrison participated in a Video Teleconference (VTC) involving all of Glacier’s program managers.  During this meeting, Mr. Torrison received an update on the company’s many business activities as well as provided his own thoughts concerning the role that Glacier Technologies has and continues to play as a key member of the BBNC Corporation.  For his part, Mr. Trumbla addressed the rapid growth of the company over the six years of its existence.  He went on to say that Glacier’s $70 million revenue enabled it to provide $2 million in dividends to its BBNC shareholders during fiscal year 2011.  Prior to his departure, Mr. Torrison was presented a framed Glacier “Teamwork” poster and coin by Mr. Trumbla to thank him for taking time out of his very busy schedule to visit the company’s facilities and its employees.


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