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Glacier Technologies provides support personnel to various government agencies for the purpose of conducting Tier 2 Help Desk Operations that assist the customer with server issues and in production enterprise-level systems to correct hardware and software problems.  

Tier 2 Support

When a problem is experienced, a service ticket is initiated by the user from an automated ticket system. This ticket is then processed by help desk until resolution of the problem is achieved.  All actions must be completed within established time frames and to the standards defined by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). All call and ticket information is maintained in a database along with a variety of software tools that provide help desk support personnel with easily access to information related to the user’s location as well as the maintenance entitlements associated with each item of equipment. 

Glacier Call Center personnel serve as a single point-of-contact for the user as well as work with various vendors to meet the needs of the customer.  As information technologists, they are capable of handling a broad range of requirements. Glacier personnel play an active role in the problem determination and resolution process. The assistance they provide to the IT technicians significantly contributes to the rapid return of essential equipment to an operational status.  Additionally, our employees clearly communicate to the customer user the technical aspects of the support being provided in easily understood terms.

Glacier Technologies help desk personnel prioritize all calls and requests for assistance to ensure critical operational needs are addressed prior to routine maintenance requirements. All customers consistently rate the quality of the call center support provided by Glacier Technologies as “above satisfactory.”

Tier "2 1/2" AIX Support

Glacier Technologies provides Tier 2 ½ help desk support at either the customer’s site or from a remote location by use of telephone. The various automated tools the company employs to accomplish such tasks range from X11 to Citrix®. The service tickets associated with this level of support normally represent problems that could not be resolved at the Tier 2 level. These problems are usually DCE- or DFS-related or involve UNIX® issues. Specific software issues Glacier personnel have had to address include Fast Connect (CIFS/SMB), secure tunnels and networking, package installs and updates, file system correctness, authentication, performance tuning, and debugging Korn shell script usage errors. Many hardware service tickets have involved CPU installation, configuration and networking, tape drives and library usage, and SSA or SCSI RAID hardware setup and configuration.

Hardware and Software Utilized

• ManageNow Ver4.4
• Microsoft Office® 2003
• Cisco® VPN
• SQL Server 2000
• SQL Server Reporting Services
• Visual Studio .Net 2003
• Visual Source Safe
• Adobe Professional 6.0 ™
• Visio® 2003
• Windows XP®
• Windows Server® 2003
• Windows Small Business Server™2003
• SuSe™ Linux

• Cisco® Routers
• Watchguard™ Firewalls
• Managed Switches
• Wireless LANs
• Polycom
• Norstar Meridian phone system
• IBM 3650 (346) Servers®
• IBM 3850 (366) Servers ®
• IBM p5-570 servers ®
• IBM HS21 Blade® Servers
• IBM RS6000/AIX® Production and
• Development Systems


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