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8(a) STARS II Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

Glacier Technologies, LLC is proud to be selected by GSA as a contract holder for all 8 sections of their latest IT contract vehicle.

8(a) STARS II, a small business set-aside GWAC, provides flexible access to customized IT solutions.  With a $10 billion program ceiling and a five-year base period with one five-year option, 8(a) STARS II allows for long-term planning of large-scale program requirements while offering contracting offices  the opportunity  to meet their 8(a) small business goals.


Prior to issuing orders under 8(a) STARS II, federal contracting officers are required to receive training on the use of the 8(a) STARS II contract and be granted a written delegation of procurement authority (DPA) from the GSA Small Business GWAC Center. Training is offered at no cost. Once DPA is granted, the client awards the Task Order and monitors the contract, thus retaining control of task order performance.

8(a) STARS II Features

Ceiling: $10 billion

Period of performance: August 31, 2011 to August 30, 2016, with one five-year option from August 31, 2016 to August 30, 2021.

Two Classifications

Depending on the requirements within the work to be performed, task orders can be placed into two categories.  Glacier was awarded contracts in both classifications, Constellations I and II. 

Directed task orders up to $4 million each

8(a) STARS II allows directed task order awards for orders under $4 million, including options. Orders more than $4 million must be competed among the industry partners in the chosen constellation and functional area.

Low 0.75% contract access fee

GWACs have the same low contract access fee as GSA Schedules.

Access to multiple types of task orders

8(a) STARS II offers fixed-price, time and materials, labor hour, and blended task order types, providing greater flexibility in procuring different types of IT products and services and meeting your mission requirements.

Encouraging maximum small business utilization in contracting

The Department of Defense issued a memo on July 14, 2011 encouraging the use of 8(a) STARS II, among other small business GWACs, to meet the Department’s small business contracting and information technology needs. Read the memo (PDF).


Glacier Contract Information

Contract Number - GS-06F-0695Z
DUNS Number -
CCR Webpage

Four Functional Areas to Meet Your Mission Requirements

Area 1 - Custom Computer Programming Services
Area 2 - Computer Systems Design Services
Area 3 - Computer Facilities Management Services
Area 4 - Other Computer Related Services

Functional Area 1 – NAICS 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services

These industry partners are primarily engaged in writing, modifying, testing, and supporting customized software.

  • Applications software programming services
  • Computer program of software development
  • Computer programming services
  • Computer software support services
  • Database design and generation
  • Legacy interfaces and data migration
  • Software analysis and design
  • Software programming
  • Software testing
  • Web design

Functional Area 2 – NAICS 541512 Computer Systems Design Services

These industry partners are primarily engaged in planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies. The hardware and software components of the system may be provided by the industry partners as part of integrated services or may be provided by third parties. These industry partners often install the system and train and support system users.

  • Business process reengineering (BPR)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) services
  • Computer-aided engineering (CAE) services
  • Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) services
  • Computer hardware consulting services
  • Computer software consulting services
  • Computer systems integration analysis and design
  • Computer systems integration design and consulting
  • Configuration management
  • Enterprise architecture development
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • IT capital planning management
  • Local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) design
  • Network design and installation
  • Network systems integration
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems integration
  • VoIP design

Functional Area 3 – NAICS 541513 Computer Facilities Management Services

Industry partners in this functional area are primarily engaged in providing onsite management and operation of clients' computer systems and/or data processing facilities, including providing computer systems or data processing support services.

  • Computer operations/support
  • Computer systems facilities services
  • Data processing facilities services
  • End user support
  • Equipment inventory and maintenance
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Help desk
  • IT facilities management, operation, and support
  • IT facilities planning
  • Network management

Functional Area 4 – NAICS 541519 Other Computer Related Services

Industry partners in this functional area are primarily engaged in providing computer related services, except for custom programming, systems integration design, and facilities management services. This area includes industry partners providing computer disaster recovery services or software installation services.

  • Computer disaster recovery
  • Contingency planning
  • Disaster preparedness/recovery
  • Documentation
  • Information assurance and security
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Software installation
  • Virus detection/recovery

Glacier 8(a) STARS II Point of Contact


Glacier Contract Manager

Ed Johnston

(520) 508-2960


GSA Logo

Glacier Business Development

Dawn Thompson

(915) 225-3680


Prompt Payment Terms



Quality Assurance Program

In an effort to maintain the high quality of its services, Glacier Technologies has developed and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements defined in ISO 9001:2008.  This system has been enforced throughout the company for over four years.  Glacier is constantly evaluating this system in order to improve the quality of services it provides to its clients.  Those procedures the company utilizes to assess its quality assurance and control processes include review of its quality policy and related objectives, analysis of audit results/data, and the implementation of corrective actions. 

Glacier Technologies has implemented a QA strategy that addresses a broad range of functional areas to include customer requirements, resources, and competency as well as goals and objectives.  Our knowledge and experience combined with our unique understanding of performance-based contracting has enabled us to develop a set of metrics to measure overall contractor performance.  We are confident in our ability to achieve these high standards due to our record of past successes, cutting edge technology, and highly skilled and motivated employees.  It should be noted that our proposed metrics are in line with Performance Work Statements and/or Statements of Work Objectives.     

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