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Civilian companies and government agencies recognize the significant value in reducing costs and increasing productivity by implementing Video TeleConferencing (VTC) capabilities (VTC).  Today, the high quality of cameras and the speed of commercial transmissions enable all organizations to exploit the benefits of on-line meetings and collaboration efforts.  Glacier’s engineers have the training and experience to provide customers with the latest VTC technology so they can benefit from this capability.

Systems Design: Glacier’s Audio Visual (AV) engineers individually design and develop technical solutions for each of their customers.  More specifically, they determine equipment requirements, prepare procurement documents and provide the technical support necessary to complete the installation.  As required, our engineers will also install equipment or oversee the installation process to ensure the work is completed to specifications.

Services: We provides highly trained and experienced engineers to support the maintenance of AV systems as well as conduct operational training.  These individuals work directly with the project officers to match capabilities to requirements and recommend the best technical solution based on equipment capabilities, cost and availability.  Our AV engineers are responsible for ensuring that equipment is installed and functioning properly. 

Maintenance Management: Our experts in this field manages the maintenance support requirements for all of the AV systems utilized by the U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Such activities include inspection, analyses, diagnoses, reporting and the correction of technical malfunctions.  Our engineers also track warranties and repairs as well as maintain the remote control systems that operate the equipment located in the Command’s conference rooms and VTC suites.

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